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Wherever you are, you control all the functions required in your home, even perhaps from your mobile or fixed telephone line.

Home automation - or scalable electricity - is a way of life : the comfort of your own home combined with the ability to manage your home and anticipate the future. Today, you would not even dream of fitting your home with an electrical system that would no longer meet your needs 10 years from today.
It must be SCALABLE.

Technically, the principle is simple: the control cables (switches) are 12 Volt low voltage, unlike the output cables that supply the various power appliances, i.e. those that consume electricity : from the boiler to central heating to the lights, the automatic blinds, the plugs, the hi-fi, etc.

From the control module, you can assign all energy consumers to any control whatsoever (e.g.: pull up the blinds automatically from one single switch or a light sensor).


TarkMaja Wired Smart Home Automation sytem
TarkMaja Wireless Smart Home Automation System

We can place and install automation systems based on KNX standart equipment (produced by GIRA) or on CLIPSAL equipment.